Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

"Linear is a company dedicated to providing sound property management relationships through personable, yet effective communication, pro-active tactics and the safeguarding of client assets."


Vision Statement

The goal of Linear is to revolutionize the way that the property management field operates by catering to the client’s needs while satisfying the bottom-line objective.


Linear is a new take on an old philosophy. Unlike many property management firms in the Washington, DC area that encompass a host of services ranging from commercial/residential property management, leasing, individual home management to real estate sales, Linear’s focus will be very different.


It is not unusual for other firms to acquire many properties. Some firms manage multiple properties without the staffing to handle the tactical, strategic and logistical functions of each Association along with “other duties as required”


Linear’s aim is to provide a boutique-like service in a mass-market environment. Our plan is to keep our client base small and exclusive, in order to provide the best service available. The difference is…WE WILL BE AVAILABLE.

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